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One of the most popular products is hand-crafted Pearl Face Soap. It is designed to address most of the common facial skin problems such as Acne, acne scars, dark circle, blemishes, black heads, whiteheads and wrinkles. 

Ingredients of Pearl Face Soap:
Precious purified pearl powder – As per Ayurveda, pearl balances Pitta and nourishes skin.
natural honey – acts as an excellent local anti inflammatory and antimicrobial agent to fight skin infections and acne
Almond oil – rich in Vitamin E
Jojoba oil – Anti inflammatory, soothes skin, natural moisturizer
Davana oil – anti septic, anti viral, disinfectant,
Rosemary oil – improves skin tone and complexion
Fullers earth (Multani mitti) – improves skin tightness and fights wrinkles.

Benefits of pearl face soap:
It cleanses, removes dead cells, softens and rejuvenates your skin, it reduces and heals acne, blemishes, removes wrinkles, dark spots, stretch marks and fine lines leaving you with glowing and younger looking skin.

How to use?
Just use to wash face.

Can this soap be used over whole body?
Yes, it can be used especially if you have skin diseases or even with normal skin, you seek improvement in skin tone and complexion.

Can it be used by men as well?
Yes it is designed to use on both men, women and children.
It is safe to use this soap during pregnancy and lactation period.

Price: Rs 215 per soap of 125 grams each, including shipping charges.
This is sufficient to use on face for 3-4 months of time(each soap will last for 3-4 months), per person.

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